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Earth Crusher aims to maximize the overall return to its shareholders by controlling and dominating all life on the planet – areas of expertise in which we have a clear competitive advantage. A fundamental part of this is to deliver value while operating in a non ethical and socially inept manner, and remaining committed to short term gain.

At Earth Crusher, there is always a suite of quality projects under development and a portfolio of global exploitation projects to ensure profitable development opportunities for the future. Projects like slavery, deforestation, lethal tobacco production, toxic chemical production, tactical weapons systems, torture techniques, apple pie, unsustainable farming, intrusive surveillance systems, asbestos mining, and the list goes on.

No other entity on earth can guarantee the same investment security as Earth Crusher. With a complete lack of moral compass, we are able to concentrate solely on generating profit and nothing else.

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2016 – The Chosen One Percent Artgang, Montréal QC

2014 – Permanent installation of “Loading The UAV” at HEC Montréal

2013 – Board of Directors En Cachette, Montreal QC

2012 – Strictly Commercial SubV boutique, NDG QC


2016 – SHOW FACE Artgang, Montréal QC

2016 – Plus Que Des Barbeaux L’Entrepôt, Lachine QC

2014 – (untitled) Gallerie Nahual, Lyon, France

2014 – Art By Friends L’appart du dix-sept, Annecy, France

2013 – Alpha-Bete Fresh Paint Gallery, Montreal QC

2013 – Sole Power Greenlight Gallery, Montreal QC

2013 – Back Alley GR Works Gallery, Los Angeles, California

2012 – The Lowbrow Theory Boutique Art Dans Le Coin, NDG QC

2012 – JFL 42 Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Toronto ON

2012 – Permanence Space 27, Montreal Qc

2012 – Urban Gumbo Green Light Gallery, Montreal Qc

2012 – FIMA Festival (Urban Totems) Montreal Qc

2012 – Salon Masse Galerie Pangee, Montreal Qc

2012 – Art Souterrian (From A to C) Artv Studio, Place Des Arts, Montreal Qc

2011 – CEASE IT 2 Fresh Paint Gallery, Montreal Qc

2011 – Bazart Bar Tapageur, Sherbrooke Qc

2011 – Can You Rock Montréal Qc

2011 – Plus Que Des Barbeaux L’Entrepôt, Lachine Qc

2011 – Henge Project – En Masse Complexe Desjardins, Montreal Qc

2008, 09, 10 – Machine Wash Cold / Tumble Dry Low Moniker Studio, Montreal

2007, 09, 10, 11, 12 – Under Pressure Festival Les Foufounes Électriques, Montreal Qc

2009 – Two Eggs Side By Each Facing The Sun And a Pair of Toast Montreal Qc

2009 – Eye Candy Galerie Ouest, Saint-Anne-De-Bellevue Qc

2006 – Circus SubV, Notre Damme De Grace Qc

2006 – Syps vs Dre SubV Boutique, NDG Qc